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Swedish Pancakes / Svenska Tar

The Swedish Pantry’s world-famous Swedish pancakes are available in a take-home mix so that you and your family can enjoy a taste of Sweden at home. Our Swedish pancake family recipe has been handed down by generations and produces a thin, flavorful, delicate pancake like no other.

The mix can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Check out our recipe section for serving suggestion and recipes.

Swedish pancakes

Make Great Breakfast Gifts, Food Gifts and Holiday Gifts

Swedish pancakes make great gifts for all occasions. You can send them direct to friends and family as a food gift. Some gift ideas:

• Birthday – send as a unique birthday gift. Pair with Lingonberries or other jams for a gift basket.

• Hostess gifts – send as a “thank you” for a weekend away; or bring the mix along with you and make breakfast on Sunday morning!

• Anniversary

• Thank you's

• Anytime

Send Swedish pancakes for the holidays! Food gifts make a wonderful present for friends, family, and holiday gatherings. There’s nothing like fresh Swedish pancakes on Christmas morning!

Our Swedish pancake mix comes in 16 ounce bags; each bag yields 10 large or up to 30 small pancakes.

The cost is $5.99 per bag. Shipping is $11.35 per order and we can ship up to 6 bags of mix with each order. The mix is boxed and shipped via UPS Ground. You may also opt to pick-up your order at The Swedish Pantry Restaurant.

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